About Toraja
Land of Heavenly Kings
Weather Condition

Since Toraja is located in high ground, pleasant climate envelops it al-year around. Daily temperature varies from around 16°C in the evening and early morning to around 28°C during the day. This climate allows most hotels in Toraja to thrive without the use of air conditioners. As the other areas in Indonesia, Toraja too has only two seasons: wet and dry, with June to August as the driest months. The highest rainfall normally happens from September to March.

Time of the Essence

Toraja is in the UTC+8 time zone (known in Indonesia as WITA or Waktu Indonesia Tengah), the same as Western Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali and one hour ahead of Jakarta.

General Inquiries
For general questions of information regarding the Toraja Marathon : info@torajamarathon.com

For information on becoming a partner of the Toraja Marathon : sponsorship@torajamarathon.com

Interested in volunteering with the Toraja Marathon? : volunteer@torajamarathon.com

Who we are

Laga is the trademark of PT. Laga Toraja Mendunia, a sporting event organizer that focuses on results and solutions as our success orientations. Backed up by multi-discipline experts from athletic, mountain climbing, biking, diving, as well as information technology, digital media, creative industry, modern marketing and Film-TV, Laga is set up to give you a maximum confident factor thru creative planning and careful execution.

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