a water buffalo grazes in a ricefield in batutumonga in tana toraja

The itinerary for our second day in the highlands of Tana Toraja consisted of a half-day village hike around Batutumonga, an area located on the slopes of Gunung Sesean (Mount Sesean). We departed early in the morning and visited the settlement of Ke’te Kesu’ first before going to the starting place of our hike. It is a solid hour drive from Rantepao by car and it is mostly an uphill ride. As for preparations, our guide Hendrik told us to only bring good walking shoes, comfortable clothes, and some water. He provided the food for our lunch.

the scenic view at the starting point before our trip to batutumonga in tana toraja

the scenic view halfway through our trekking trip at batutumonga in tana toraja

All in all, Batutumonga is without a doubt a stunning and beautiful area. The rice fields, boulders, and people make this one of the top destinations in Sulawesi and Tana Toraja. I would highly recommend doing a hike with a guide if you are in the area. It is a memorable experience that you will not easily forget.

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