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Running Explorer adalah sebuah Race Organizer olah raga khususnya olah raga lari jalan raya, lari gunung, dan lari cross country.

Running Explorer dibentuk pada tanggal 6 September 2014 oleh Nefo Ginting dan Lexi Rohi yang sama-sama memiliki visi untuk menjadikan hidup lebih sehat melalui olah raga lari.

Exotica Toraja

We are the Travel company that takes you BEYOND the ordinary destinations and activities,we’ll get you to the real stories of the people,culture & places. We are proud of being Indonesian,the nation of many richness, let’s experience Indonesia differently!

Spend your holiday in Toraja, amongst the generosity and cultural richness of Toraja’s natives, indulging their true stories, life style and devoted believe. Sleeping on the traditional Tongkonan, house on stilts, and waking up between the clouds. We’ll take you to this land of kings, the harmonious place to live for all beings and nature. After all it is the region where death is a lure.